I create unique paintings, try and live in the moment and am passionate about what I do.

Hi, I’m Anthony Gadd and I love to paint. My days start early as I arrive at 6:00 every morning at the studio along the West Coast, close to Cape Town. Coffee, enthusiasm and passion somehow get the magic to flow from my hands. By 6:30 I’m at my easel along with my favourite tools – canvas, watercolour, acrylics and conté chalks. My style has been described as loose, bold and expressive which I tend to agree with. I treasure the ‘happy accident’ which brings gesture and freshness to the piece.

"I believe creativity is the ‘clock spring’ of life. Wether you create a business empire or a salad, the process of creating is what energises and drives us. The journey during each creation is so compelling that the process simply drives itself”

Bragging Rights

  • I have had numerous joint and solo exhibitions in recent years as a professional artist – these galleries include Imbizo, Red the Gallery, Lindy van Niekerk, Rousseau Gallery. 
  • My work has appeared in a number of Décor publications including Garden & Home, Tuis, House & Leisure and Visi.
  • My work hangs in some very high profile homes including Thabo Mbeki’s.
  • I have created a few very big ambient pieces for hotel entrances and business premises including Strand Towers in Cape Town and various First National Bank buildings.
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