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About the artist 

Anthony was born and raised in the game farming area of South Africa where memories of unspoiled landscapes, teeming with wildlife, influenced his subject matter as an artist in later years.


After studying graphic design in Cape Town, he began a career in the advertising industry spanning 30 years, including running his own agency for 10 years. As an art director his creative compulsion wasn’t fully indulged, and he always yearned to become a ‘real’ artist. 


He took the plunge into professional painting 15 years ago and has been challenged and rewarded every day since. More than a thousand paintings later his work hangs in homes in South Africa and around the world . You can view his work in a select range of galleries across South Africa. 

When he is not painting; he enjoys surfing and escaping into the rugged African bush in search of reference and inspiration.


He lives in the beautiful city of Cape Town with his talented author-artist wife, Ann.

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