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The art I make would probably be classified as contemporary semi-abstract.


My style has been described as bold, loose and expressive. 

I am constantly striving for what I call “the happy accident”. By this I mean I let the medium and materials take over to some extent and unplanned things happen on the canvas. Beautiful unforeseen things are given to you, without effort.


This in turn then brings a freshness and gesture to a piece.

As a professional artist I often get asked why I paint. What gets me into my studio every morning?
It’s really quite simple…. that feeling when the magic comes out of your hands and everything just works,

is exquisite.


I paint very differently in that I use predominantly large brushes, bottles, chalks and a spray bottle. I sometimes even throw paint at the canvas. I work predominantly in acrylics and chalks on canvas.


The chaos somehow comes together to give a confident, fresh execution.

"I believe creativity is the ‘clock spring’ of life. Whether you create a business empire or a salad, the process of creating is what energises and drives us.

The journey during each creation is so compelling that the process simply drives itself.”

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